Fall Premiere Week With Antenna (or we watch NBC so you don’t have to)

September 21, 2010
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A black, rectangular remote controlFor the media scholar, fall premiere season can be an exciting, fraught, and overwhelming time. There are so many new shows and, as Sharon Ross discussed here last week, so many ways to schedule and watch them all. This year, a wide variety of new shows are premiering and they bring with them with a different set of hopes and possible disappointments. We here at Antenna are ready to open our hearts and television schedules to a new crop of shows and hope to give our readers a little guidance about what might be worth making room for on their DVRs.

In pursuit of this goal, Antenna will be clearing its schedule for the next week in order to cover all of the new network shows. Starting tomorrow, our contributors will be posting their first impressions and responses to the new shows, sorted into separate posts for each network. Two days following the premiere of each subsequent show, a set of posts responding to it will be added to its respective network post. These will be updated throughout the week, and into next week, until all the premiere week shows have been covered! Tomorrow will also include posts on the shows that have already premiered on the CW and NBC.

Please join us for this very special Antenna event and put in your two cents on the new shows that are vying for our attention in an ever-crowded media landscape. Let us know what you love, what you hate, and what you are secretly ashamed to want to watch. Place your bets on what will or will not be successful in the year to come. Tell us what you think is showing us something truly new, reviving old tropes, and that media scholars should really care about. Tune in to premiere week with Antenna, and we hope you enjoy this very special time of year.


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