What Are You Missing: November 15-21

November 23, 2009
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Ten things worth checking out online from the past week:

First, three for Twilight (So much good analysis and/or parody! How could I resist?): 1. Lindsay H. Garrison’s post in anticipation of New Moon; 2. College Humor’s parody trailer, Twilight: Three Wolf Moon featuring the excellent Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreation; and 3. University of Missouri profs Melissa Click and Jennifer Stevens Aubrey discussing the series on the CBC.

4. Gen X-ers confront their own mortality as they mourn the passing of the host of MTV’s Remote Control, Ken Ober.  Fellow comic and writer, Jeff Kahn offers a tribute at HuffPo.

5. Jezebel tackles a a personal pet peeve of mine: the ubiquitous Kay Jewelers ads which run until right around the return of Daylight Savings.

6. While technically posted last week, Sarah Haskins adds another much-needed critique of advertising with her take on the recent spate of Broadview Security (formerly Brinks) ads that shamelessly traffic in the notion that a woman alone is a woman in peril:

7. Variety reports some shake-up in the trades with Nielsen’s plan to sell properties including Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter.

8. In video game news, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 broke sales records this week.

9. Over at salon.com, Alexander Zaitchik looks to the discussion boards of white supremacist site, Stormfront to see how one segment of Glenn Beck’s audience makes sense of him.

10. Lastly, since it’s almost (US) Thanksgiving, here’s a link to a holiday-themed spot of Kenneth the Web Page.


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