What Are You Missing? December 6-12

December 14, 2009
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What Are You Missing Online?Too busy with holiday celebrations and/or end-of-semester madness to troll the web for news and items of interest? Your current Antenna editors (Germaine, Megan & Erin) are here to help you out! Here’s a list of some things you might have missed last week.

Many weeks after the rest of us realized The Jay Leno Show was a dismal failure and doing some serious damage to NBC, Jeff Zucker finally admits that the network has made some mistakes. No kidding.

In other NBC-Comcast news, this week’s “All Things Considered” featured an interview with University of Michigan’s Amanda Lotz, who gave her take on the deal and Zucker.

Along with climate change initiatives, several public, digital media projects debut at the COP15, including CO2 Cubes by the UN and The Copenhagen Wheel by MIT SENSEable City Lab.

Variety reports on the numerous TV series taking extended hiatuses between now and March, but the report seems to be missing one key reason for the delay. As TV By The Numbers notes, the article fails to address “what ratings juggernaut between February 12-28 broadcasters [might] be wanting to avoid.” *ahem*Olympics*ahem*

Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound, which is innovating a business model that tries to cash in on vinyl sales, emerging artists, and the music video format online, wrapped up another video this weekend. Solid Gold’s video for “A Matter of Time” was shot on a rooftop in Madison, and one of our editor’s was there! More on the Green Label Sound model, and being a “video vixen” in a subsequent post. . .

Over at the New York Times, Nick Bilton details his experience of escaping from the clutches of cables in his TV setup and the gadgets and configurations that (didn’t) help him do it.

College Humor posted a lengthy montage of front pages of the Springfield Shopper from The Simpsons that’s worth a gander even if you’re not an avid watcher.

BlackBerry signed a new deal with China Mobile to release smartphones and mobile internet service in China. This includes access to social networking sites as well as email. We’ll have to see how customized users’ connections really are.

An episode of Bones went a little crazy with the cross-promotion of Avatar on the program. Okay, so the episode is technically not from this week (airing December 3), but it’s worth mentioning.

And, finally, in the spirit of the season, please enjoy two holiday-themed YouTube videos. First, it is now the beginning of Hanukkah, so here’s a fan video paying homage to South Park’s version of “The Dreidel Song,” complete with fan animation. And here are the Muppets performing Carol of the Bells.


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One Response to “ What Are You Missing? December 6-12 ”

  1. Erin Copple Smith on December 14, 2009 at 9:53 AM

    Wow, Germaine–thanks for that article on cross-promo on Bones. I watch that show faithfully, and still would have missed it (for the time being) because my stupid DVR malfunctioned and ate that episode!