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The Melancholy of Friday Night Lights

June 19, 2010
The Melancholy of <i>Friday Night Lights</i>

Friday Night Lights and its viewership seem suddenly caught in a state of nostalgia, uncannily aware of how very much there is to lose, and what has already been lost.
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Friday Night Lights: The Musical! or Glee‘s After-School Sing-a-long

May 13, 2010
<em>Friday Night Lights</em>: The Musical! or <em>Glee</em>‘s After-School Sing-a-long

I feel like the “powers that Glee” (PTG) are trying to combat complaints of minimal plot development. After last week’s most excellent narrative-filled musical numbers, my hopes were high. It looked like they might pull it off, but then it became Glee meets Friday Night Lights. Say it ain't so!
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