Antenna was made possible by the labor of a great many writers, but also by the editorial labor of the faculty and graduate students of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Past editors have included: Mary Beltrán, Megan Biddinger, Andrew Bottomley, Christopher Cwynar, Evan Elkins, Elizabeth Ellcessor, Lindsay Hogan, Jonathan Gray, Germaine Halegoua, Kit Hughes, Kyra Hunting, Josh David Jackson, Derek Johnson, Danny Kimball, Caroline Leader, Nick Marx, Myles McNutt, Taylor Cole Miller, Jeremy Morris, Sarah Murray, Nora Patterson, Erin Copple Smith, Jennifer Smith, Jenna Stoeber, Tony Tran, Alyxandra Vesey, and Andrew Zolides. See here for more details.

~ ~ ~

We’d also like to acknowledge the curators of the following multi-authored columns:

Glee Club – Mary Beltrán

On Radio – Andrew Bottomley

Treme – Christopher Cwynar

School/Work – Evan Elkins, Jonathan Gray

Late to the Party – Evan Elkins, Nick Marx

Mad Men – Elizabeth Ellcessor, Kyra Hunting

State of Reality TV – Kyra Hunting, Nora Patterson

Feminist Media Studies – Sarah Murray

Mediating the Past – Nora Patterson

Award Winning – Alyxandra Vesey

Teach Hacks – Taylor Cole Miller

~ ~ ~

And, of course, thanks go to our single-authored column writers:

Doctor Who and Authorship – Matt Hills

Breaking Bad Breakdown – Jason Mittell

Lost Wednesdays – Jason Mittell

Torchwood – Matt Hills

What Are You Missing? – Christine Becker/Andrew Zolides

~ ~ ~

Last, but not least, thanks for technical support go to Elizabeth Ellcessor, Myles McNutt, Joel Ninmann, Michael Trevis, and Peter Sengstock.

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