Month: September 2011

Throat Buckles and Nerd Glasses: Performance of White Hipster Celebrity Drag

Mediated drag images are often foregrounded, particularly as contemporary scholarship posits how reality television and music video challenge disseminated images of drag through parody and confrontational disregard for societal convention. Until recently, such representations were limited to television, film, and music video. But several drag artists have developed huge followings based on their online activity.


The Materiality of Media

As culture becomes increasingly digitized, arguments for the “dematerialization” of media are becoming commonplace. However, media have always been, and remain, embedded in and structured by material objects, networks, and practices that delimit their uses and meanings.


Film Review: Can Generation P’s Cultural References Play Abroad?

Most scholars of media have at some point stumbled onto something from another country without the proper frame of reference and been utterly bewildered by it. Generation P seems to be consciously playing up this experience as part of its appeal for a niche foreign market.