Month: June 2012

Sport in America: Our Defining Stories

While productions like Sport in America champion sport’s cultural import, they tend to obscure the conditions that facilitate and restrict sport’s apparent capacity to define us.


The MTV Tony Awards: Television’s De-Theatricalization of Broadway’s Biggest Night

True to form, this year’s Tony Awards laid bare its undying need to appear youthful, popular, and hip, all the while marginalizing the spirit of American theatre and those who participate in it. The broadcast looked less like a celebration of New York theatre and more like the Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys rolled into one. And, after all of this pandering, the Tonys did what many think they do best: produced a ratings disaster.


On Radio: Up From the Boneyard: Local Media, Its Digital Death and Rebirth [Part 2]

Upon being released after his home station embraced a format change, radio personality Adam Carolla responded by creating a “network” of podcasts he could use to sell advertisers listeners in aggregate. Bob Frantz quickly looked to this strategy as a way to continue an over-the-mic career after the death of a ten-year radio career and recruited a number of friends and former broadcast buddies to populate the Boneyard Podcast network. Part two of a three-part post.