Month: January 2011

From Veronica Mars to Pretty Little Liars

This post explores social power and millennial television. Where have we come from Veronica Mars’ Lily to Pretty Little Liars’ Alison? What do we make of this fascinatingly repeated trope of the dead, sexually-promiscuous girl who haunts the narrative in potent flashback?


The State of Reality TV: Kidding Around with Reality

Though not the most popular or influential entry in the genre, Kid Nation appropriately offers an elementary school primer both on the conventions of reality competitions and their negotiation of social structures taken for granted in the “real” world.


Misfits, very British Teen TV

In a week when discussions of US and UK televisual differences and distinctions, particularly around class, accompanies the broadcast of US remakes of Shameless (Showtime) and Skins (MTV), its great to get a chance to talk about a British show that owes a debt to both, but in my view is arguably superior.