Month: January 2010

The Tester

Sony’s new reality TV program on the PlayStation Network continues to raise questions about audience/player (mis)perceptions of labor and production in the games industry.


Look at Your Hands: Computing, Embodiment, and the iPad

While much of yesterday’s Internet conversation centered on whether the iPad is a game changer for TV, gaming, publishing, and future of ebooks, I want to address the potentially unnerving aspects of how Apple constructed the user yesterday and point out that while Apple may be a global company, its users are definitely not.


Important Games of the 00s

What makes a game important? Is it commercial sales, the ways a game showcases how skilled a designer or studio is at their craft, the visceral response a game gives you, the player communities spawned by a game, the ways designers construct character/story/space, or the ways that games open up new genres, new modes of play, or new sectors of the industry?