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Only Marginally More Unreal: Reconsidering CNN’s Coverage of Malaysia Airlines 370

With its reliance on speculation, dependence on simulation, and occasional swerves into absurdity, CNN’s coverage of Malaysia Airlines 370 indexes the incomprehensibility of this disaster, marked by the failures of so many systems that seemed to promise safety, visibility, and order.


Case Studies in Technological Change

To paraphrase Robert Allen and Douglas Gomery in Film History: Theory and Practice, media depends on machines. Technology contextualizes industrial and stylistic change, reveals and obscures sites of cultural negotiation and meaning, and enables new modes of media production, circulation,…


Teach Hacks: How to Capture and Save Broadcast

The question I’m often asked by people afraid of the ephemerality of broadcast is: How do I record television? And how do I save what I’ve recorded for posterity? Here are my practical steps with relevant hardware suggestions.