Author: Liz Ellcessor

Liz Ellcessor (Indiana University) researches the ways in which the structures and policies of internet media shape social practices, with a particular focus on embodiment, identity and disability. She is also interested in online celebrity, video games, and MTV's many media ventures. Her work has appeared in Information, Communication, & Society and is forthcoming in Cinema Journal, and her (infrequent) blogging home is Dis/Embody.

Seeing is Disbelieving

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, an unexpected celebrity has emerged – Lydia Callis, a sign language interpreter who appeared on-screen alongside Mayor Bloomberg during his warnings in advance of the hurricane. But Callis, as a visible form of media access, makes it all too clear how access is usually hidden from view.


My Deaf Family, My New Web Series?

Oscar-winning deaf actress Marlee Matlin is producing a new reality show, My Deaf Family. It follows the Firl family – father Leslie and mother Bridgetta are both deaf, and they have four children, two of whom are hearing and two of whom are deaf


Glee on Wheels

Last night’s episode of Glee, “Wheels,” focused on Artie and put the entire club in wheelchairs for a performance. It also attracted a lot of attention and some controversy. A number of actors with disabilities expressed disappointment that Artie is played by an able-bodied actor, Kevin McHale, rather than by an actor who does use a chair.