Author: Keara Goin

Keara Goin (University of Texas - Austin) teaches on Race, Ethnicity, and the Media and her research interests are primarily race, gender, identity, Afro-Caribbean, media ethnography, and Latina/o representation. She is the Senior Editor of Flow, where you can also find some of her work. She is currently working on two forthcoming articles: "Marginal Latinidad: Ambiguity and the Racialization of Rosario Dawson" and "Communicating Identity: Gendered Representation and the Influence of the Megadiva." She can be followed at @KearaGoin.

The Real Housewives of (“the New”) Miami—Revisited

A few months ago I examined the re-launched Real Housewives of Miami(RHOM) series, part of Bravo’s immensely popular Real Housewives franchise, in another Antenna post.  Now that the season has officially ended with the airing of the second part of…