Author: Kathleen Battles

Kathleen Battles (Oakland University) teaches on many aspects of media, past and present. She divides her research time between Depression era radio, with a particular interest in the relationship between technology, time, and space; and issues related to sexuality and the media, particularly the necessity of a continued interrogation of forms of normativity. She is the author of Calling All Cars: Radio Dragnets and the Technologies of Policing and currently co-editing a collection on the War of the Worlds broadcast for 2013 release (with Joy Hayes and Wendy Hilton-Morrow) and co-writing an introductory book on sexual identities and the media for 2014 release (with Wendy Hilton-Morrow). You can find her procrastinating on Twitter @katbat67.

A Merry Queer Christmas: Queering Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph was created when gayness as identity was rarely represented on screens, instead shunned off into the shadowy world of coded meanings waiting to be activated by knowing readers or “appearing” as semiotic excess waiting to be queered through the practice of camp.