Author: Lynnell Thomas

Lynnell L. Thomas (University of Massachusetts - Boston) is a native New Orleanian and an American Studies professor whose teaching and research explore the relationship between history and memory within popular narratives. Her recent scholarship has appeared in American Quarterly, Performance Research, and Seeking Higher Ground: The Hurricane Katrina Crisis, Race, and Public Policy Reader (Marable and Clarke, eds. 2008), and she has contributed her expertise in various print media, on radio, and on television. Her current book project examines Hurricane Katrina through the lens of New Orleans' racialized tourism narrative.

Tremé: Feels Like Joy and Pain

The challenge facing Tremé (and every other media representation of New Orleans) is finding a way to balance a celebration of the city’s unique cultural contributions with an acknowledgment of its more conventional, and often more damning, histories, memories, and contemporary realities. Week 6’s episode “Feels Like Rain” responds to this challenge, self-consciously, if not always adroitly.