Author: Kyra Hunting

Kyra Hunting (University of Wisconsin - Madison) (formerly Kyra Glass von der Osten) researches depictions of family, gender and sexuality, and religious faith in contemporary popular film and television. She is particularly interested in how these loaded issues intersect in many programs. She also studies video games, particularly their relationships to control and the adaptation of children's literature and film into video games. She still gets that love at first sight, slightly buzzed feeling when the lights go down in a movie theater and is glad to make use of the many hours her parents said she wasted as a child watching TV.

“Bodies” That Matter

In part three of a limited series on Cupcakes, Pinterest, and Ladyporn, contributor Kyra Hunting outlines the anthology’s “Bodies” section in order to argue that critical consideration for women’s media cultures facilitates a deeper understanding of embodiment in relation to community practices, self-presentation, and technology.


Textual Analysis & Technology: In Search of a Flexible Solution, Part I

Kyra Hunting discusses how the creative use of open-ended software can serve media scholars — yet the available research software is not yet designed for the diversity of information, multiplicity of data input types, and unique twists and turns that accompanies the study of media texts.


NCA in NOLA: A tale of Frenchman Street and Feminism

This years National Communication Association came with a side of jazz and jambalaya. Held in New Orleans, two hotels on canal street were overtaken with communication scholars from all over the country.


Life Is Not A Fairy Tale

Just in time for Halloween, ABC and NBC both rolled out new shows last week focusing on the basic premise that Fairy Tales are real and their protagonists, or their ancestors, are living somewhere in the United States.