Author: Germaine Halegoua

Germaine Halegoua (University of Kansas) researches the relationship between new media technologies, practices and the urban environment; cultural geography of globalization; new media and civic engagement; ubiquitous computing; and telecommunications policy. She is currently finishing her dissertation titled, New Mediated Spaces and the Urban Environment.

“Easter Eggs,” Errata, and Apple Maps

In honor of Geography Awareness Week I thought it apropos to take a closer look at some participatory cultures and popular grievances that have concretized around errors in digital cartography — especially in light of the recent and now infamous mapping debacle, Apple Maps.


The Place Race

Location is the frontier du jour. The explosion of geolocation apps and the eagerness of people to use them, has prompted services like Twitter to get into the game. People want to know where you are and maybe already do. Welcome to the place race


“As the world turns”. . .it also stops

The world stops spinning September 2010! It’s not the apocalypse, but it is the end of another Procter & Gamble, long-running soap opera with a loyal fan base. What does this mean for the future of the daytime “sudser”?


Keeping an eye on “Copyright Watch”

The beta version of Copyright Watch was launched recently. The site gives users an overview of national copyright law in various countries across the globe. Each entry on Copyright Watch gives a brief overview of the geographic location and borders…