Author: Jeremy Morris

Jeremy Morris (University of Wisconsin - Madison) researches the current state of the popular music industry, the digitization of cultural goods and commodities, and technologies of music production, circulation and consumption. He's also currently working on a pretty nerdy project about software and business method patents. His work has been published in Fibreculture, First Monday and in an edited collection called Sonic Mediations. Links to some of his other work, hobbies, miscellany can be found at, the web's premier destination for all things Jeremy Morris.

Cloudy with a Chance of Media

Music in the cloud services, such as Apple’s iCloud, are a specific snapshot of music as a cultural commodity, one that sees music as indelibly networked to certain providers and technologies.


You Can Patent That?

If you’ve ever clicked once to buy, you’ve taken part in an activity that has implications across the North American technology sectors for how consumers interact with the books, music, and movies they love on their digital devices.