Author: Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson (Old Dominion University) is in his eleventh year as a full-time college teacher, with special research interests in popular music and media studies. He loves cats, his wife, his stepchildren, chess, yoga, and you, of course. You can follow him on Twitter @loganpoppy.

Duty Now for the Future of Music: A Report from the Future of Music Coalition Summit

Each year, the musician advocacy nonprofit group Future of Music Coalition holds a conference in Washington, DC, bringing together artists, executives, and policymakers. Reporting from this year’s Future of Music Summit, Tim Anderson finds that despite the music industry’s many troubles, much optimism still exists.


On Radio: Up From the Boneyard: Local Media, Its Digital Death and Rebirth [Part 2]

Upon being released after his home station embraced a format change, radio personality Adam Carolla responded by creating a “network” of podcasts he could use to sell advertisers listeners in aggregate. Bob Frantz quickly looked to this strategy as a way to continue an over-the-mic career after the death of a ten-year radio career and recruited a number of friends and former broadcast buddies to populate the Boneyard Podcast network. Part two of a three-part post.


You Have Friends That Want You Back Home

Treme’s focus on how its culture and cultural economies are created and presented through music and cuisine has meant a majority of its almost 22 narrative hours watching musicians struggle with bar owners, the recording business, the law and each other.