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Star Trek into (Fandom’s) Darkness

If Star Trek was once a foundation for the idea of taking fans seriously, then today it might simply be a sad commentary on fandom’s token function within the industry, another form of “crowdsourcing,” a destructive marriage based on the contradictory feelings of mutual dependence and contempt.


On Radio: Up From the Boneyard: Local Media, Its Digital Death and Rebirth [Part 2]

Upon being released after his home station embraced a format change, radio personality Adam Carolla responded by creating a “network” of podcasts he could use to sell advertisers listeners in aggregate. Bob Frantz quickly looked to this strategy as a way to continue an over-the-mic career after the death of a ten-year radio career and recruited a number of friends and former broadcast buddies to populate the Boneyard Podcast network. Part two of a three-part post.