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“Bodies” That Matter

In part three of a limited series on Cupcakes, Pinterest, and Ladyporn, contributor Kyra Hunting outlines the anthology’s “Bodies” section in order to argue that critical consideration for women’s media cultures facilitates a deeper understanding of embodiment in relation to community practices, self-presentation, and technology.


Love for the Fannish Archive: Fuller’s Hannibal as Fanfiction

In positioning the series as fan fiction, Hannibal show runner Bryan Fuller and his team claim the identity and ethos of the feminine-gendered fan, a position that allows them to intertextually and ardently acknowledge both the practices and the affect of its primarily female fandom.


Crowdfunding: Looking Beyond Kickstarter

Everybody knows about Kickstarter, which is considered to be world’s most popular crowdfunding platform; however, Kickstarter is only one of an estimated number of over 1,000 platforms worldwide. Patryk Galuszka and Blanka Brzozowska look at MegaTotal, a music-oriented platform implementing a significantly different model than Kickstarter.


The Wire, Freddie Gray, and Collective Social Action

protesting the death of Freddie Gray

Why hasn’t The Wire, which showed us how structural racism and an abusive police department defines black life in Baltimore, translated into collective social action? Why are there only thousands in the streets? Where are the millions of fans of The Wire? And why aren’t they supporting black folks in Baltimore?