Author: Derek Kompare

Derek Kompare (Southern Methodist University) is primarily interested in how media forms and genres develop at the intersection of culture and industry. He is the author of Rerun Nation: How Repeats Invented American Television, and the forthcoming CSI, as well as several articles on television form, genre, authorship, and fandom. An unrepentant Doctor Who fanboy with an agnostic interest in comics and cuisine, he occasionally also writes at his blog, but is usually more readily available on Twitter @d_kompare.

The Cultural Lives of Doctor Who: The Lost, Missing, and Redacted Adventures of Doctor Who

One of the defining characteristics of Doctor Who is that, despite its academic and popular scrutiny, there are many gaps in its history, which remind us that histories – including media histories – are always only assembled from the perspective of the present.


Report From: Walking in Eternity, The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Conference

At the University of Hertfordshire earlier this month, a small group of media scholars, journalists, and writers gathered for the Doctor Who: Walking in Eternity conference, commemorating that series’ 50th anniversary and its remarkable cultural impact. Derek Kompare provides a report.


Report from SCMS: Wednesday

The Antenna editors have asked some writers to contribute daily reports on the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) conference in Los Angeles this week. First up–a Wednesday report from Derek Kompare.