Author: Lindsay Hogan

Lindsay Hogan (University of Wisconsin - Madison) researches issues related to celebrity, television, and youth markets, including gender and the construction of teen/"tween" audiences; early teen gossip magazines; and gender, labor, and child stardom. She is an avid viewer of television for all ages, has a love/hate relationship with Miley Cyrus, and wishes more Baby Boomers had kept their old issues of 16 and TigerBeat.

Glee Club: What a Journey

In the wake of this week’s season finale, Antenna’s weekly Glee Club contributors offer their take on Glee’s first season in a roundtable discussion about the pleasures and limitations of performance, reinvention, and representation.


Brace Yourself for New Moon and ‘Screaming Teens’

The second installment of the Twilight Saga, New Moon, premieres tonight. With it not only comes the appearances, interviews, and other promotional efforts of the stars, but also the images of Twilight fans. Variety’s coverage of New Moon’s Hollywood premiere was as much about teen girls as it was about the film, with a sub-head that read “screaming teens swarm New Moon preem,” and a lead paragraph about “how much louder teen girls can scream with a year of anticipation.”