Author: Louisa Stein

Louisa Stein (Middlebury College) spends (too?) many of her waking hours thinking about the intersections of TV, transmedia culture, gender, generation, and fandom. She has published on audiences and transmedia engagement in a range of journals and edited collections including Cinema Journal, Popular Communication, and the forthcoming Flow TV anthology. She is co-editor (with Sharon Ross) of Teen Television: Essays on Programming and Fandom. She can also be found at and @l_e_s.

From Veronica Mars to Pretty Little Liars

This post explores social power and millennial television. Where have we come from Veronica Mars’ Lily to Pretty Little Liars’ Alison? What do we make of this fascinatingly repeated trope of the dead, sexually-promiscuous girl who haunts the narrative in potent flashback?