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Sherlock and the representation of Chineseness

In a text so concerned with updating the Victorian source material to the contemporary period, there is very little else to the representation of Chineseness; it seems that Sherlock Holmes can use SMS messaging and GPS tracking, but Chinese culture is rendered remarkably narrow via such reductive stereotypes.


A 21st Century Sherlock

This summer’s premiere of BBC’s new Sherlock raises issues on how one modernizes the Victorian Sherlock Holmes to fit in an alternate 21st century London, as well as shaping a world that a century’s worth of Holmes has never impacted.


Transformation, Adaptation, Derivation? Moffat’s Sherlock and the Art of AUs

In the end, while individual plot points, objects, and places are important for fans to recognize, the most successful approach seems to come about when the writer extrapolates the character’s underlying identity, exploring those aspects that remain the same in the new setting, and how they will manifest.