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Honoring Hilmes: Strange Report

Through a case study of the British ITV series “Strange Report” (1969-70), Jonathan Bignell exhibits how Michele Hilmes’ example has taught him that when we look closely at the detail of history, there are always more complex and more interesting things to discover.


Misfits, very British Teen TV

In a week when discussions of US and UK televisual differences and distinctions, particularly around class, accompanies the broadcast of US remakes of Shameless (Showtime) and Skins (MTV), its great to get a chance to talk about a British show that owes a debt to both, but in my view is arguably superior.


Brit-Lit Fantasies and Their Fans

PBS premieres new period-piece Downton Abbey on Sunday, reminding us that Brit-lit mini-series, which construct variegated representations of mainly white, heterosexual, aristocratic, life, continue to be hugely popular.