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Only Marginally More Unreal: Reconsidering CNN’s Coverage of Malaysia Airlines 370

With its reliance on speculation, dependence on simulation, and occasional swerves into absurdity, CNN’s coverage of Malaysia Airlines 370 indexes the incomprehensibility of this disaster, marked by the failures of so many systems that seemed to promise safety, visibility, and order.


On Radio: Radiolab and the Art of the Modern Radio Feature

On Radio is a new Antenna column dedicated to contemporary radio programming and other issues surrounding the medium in all its forms. Here, in the series’ first entry, Andrew Bottomley offers a critical appreciation of the radio feature Radiolab.


And You Thought We Didn’t Care

Last week Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas announced his intention not to run for reelection (big) if and when a vote is held. This isn’t the forum to discuss the political significance of this move, but I thought I’d throw out some quick observations on the international media side of the story.