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TV and the Propaganda Crisis

Deborah Jaramillo engages with Emma Louise Briant’s new book, Propaganda and Counter-terrorism: Strategies for Global Change, to explore how the prickly world of government propagandists lends critical context to television representations of espionage and the War on Terror.


American Sniper: Silence and Fury

Post by Debra Ramsay, Research Associate, Technologies of Memory Project, Glasgow University Following is the second installment in the series of fortnightly blogs “From Nottingham and Beyond,” featuring contributions from faculty in the University of Nottingham’s Department of Culture, Film and Media and our alumni…


From Mercury to Mars: War of the Worlds and the Invasion of Media Studies

In this latest post in our From Mercury to Mars series, Josh Shepperd discusses the “War of the Worlds” broadcast as a foundational subject for intellectual history and, as the subject of social research like Hadley Cantril’s The Invasion from Mars, one of the events that legitimated the very study of media.