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What I Learned at Podcast Movement 2015

Jason Loviglio reports from the Podcast Movement 2015 industry conference, providing a state-of-the-industry rundown that includes the divide between professional radio broadcaster “Pro-casters” and amateur “Podcasters” and the shared discourse of podcasting-as-rebirth.


Pacifica Radio’s From the Vault

Brian DeShazor discusses the origins of Pacifica Radio and the archival radio series, “From the Vault.” The Pacifica Radio Archives was established in 1971 to house a collection of over 60,000 reel-to-reel tapes, representing the last half of the 20th century as experienced and reported on by Pacifica Radio.


Talk of The Nation Signs Off

Talk of the Nation, National Public Radio’s (NPR) daily weekday call-in program, broadcast its final show on Thursday, June 27th. And with its cancellation goes one less venue for the public to actually access and participate in political debate and discourse on public radio.