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“Aren’t We Such a Fun, Approachable Dynasty?”: Clinton’s Presidential Announcement, Cable News, and the Candidate Challenge

Clinton's Announcement Video

Chuck Tryon examines the reception of Clinton’s announcement video to explore the role of cable news in producing election coverage that sidesteps questions about how candidates will actually govern.


Current TV, Al Jazeera America, and the Experience of the Foreign

The sale of U.S. cable station Current TV to the Qatar-based news network Al Jazeera raises questions about how a foreign network might explain Americans to themselves. Might Al Jazeera provide a foreign lens for Americans to examine themselves? What would that even look like?


Occupy TV?

A look at the differences between how Occupy Wall Street is framed on Fox News, MSNBC, and the Daily Show versus how greater, more diverse coverage circulates on Twitter.


The Profound Danger of Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck may say he is simply an entertainer with little interest in politics, but that is a lie. He has proven himself a political demagogue who employs a variety of well-worn rhetorical techniques, all of which, as history has shown, are dangerous.