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First Impressions: Fear the Walking Dead

Amanda Keeler offers some initial thoughts on the pilot of Fear the Walking Dead and its use of storytelling, genre, setting, and character, pointing out that interpretation will depend largely on which elements of the original Walking Dead series resonate with individual viewers.


Style, Structuring Conceits, and the Paratexts of Mad Men

Piers Britton on Mad Men’s visual style, series structure, and Sixties-philiac tendencies, and how the TV series turned its tension between the espousal of emotional truthfulness and a preoccupation with “superficial” visual pleasures into a branding strategy.


Mediating the Past: Mad Men’s Sophisticated Weekly Get Together

While this media surge contributed to this season’s premiere becoming Mad Men’s highest rated episode ever, ratings are not really the point. Mad Men sustains AMC’s brand, providing a specific and prestigious visibility that extends beyond those who actually watch. Mad Men also offers viewers the opportunity to feel simultaneously nostalgic for and superior to a version of an earlier era, achieving a “sophisticated weekly get together of the people we dig and who dig us.”